Village Market

Rendezvous Bistro Catering

Pre-order from the Village Market Shopping List for your take-home convenience

Village Market Shopping List

Village Market Shopping List

Milk (Skim or 2%) 1 L


Cream 10% (half/half) 1L


Butter 454 g


​Bread (Whole wheat, White) sliced 1 loaf


Eggs (dozen Large Grade A)


​Orange Juice 1.75 L


​Peanut Butter 500 g


​Bananas (lbs)

$1.99 lb

​Apples (6 Red Gala Apples)


Tomato (Hot House)

​$1.75 ea

Cheese Slices package

​$5.25 ea

Rendezvous Bistro Catering

For your convenience you may print/scan and email the Village Market Order Form to

*For additional items not on the list please ask for availability. For more information, please call:

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