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Rendezvous Bistro

Rendezvous Bistro


We offer a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner options with unique twists you won't find on a standard bistro menu.

 We pride ourselves on making items from scratch with locally-sourced produce. 

Our menu is bursting with creativity and passion for service that supersedes our customer's expectations.


Sunday to Tuesday:  7:00 am – 3:00 pm

Wednesday to Saturday:  11:00 am – 7:00 pm

(Holidays may affect these hours)

Call for more information 705.549.3166 ext. 3074 

Georgian Village Rendezvous Bistro is located just off Edward Street.  
Follow the signs on the building for “Main Entrance” found to the right of the outdoor center garden. 

Gourmet Paninis

Gourmet Paninis served with a side of seasoned house cut fries or side soup, upgrade to a side salad for $1.50. Upgrade to a side deluxe poutine for $5.00 (Savoury, Greek, Maple Bacon). Upgrade to a side Chili Cheese for $5.00. Upgrade to Classic (make your own) starting at $4.50

Herbed Chicken Panini

******** $9.99​ ********

Roasted basil pesto chicken, dressed with chipotle aioli, goat cheese, mixed lettuce, red onions, and roasted red peppers

Roasted Portobello Panini

******** $9.99 ********

Seasoned roasted Portabellos, caramelized onions, mixed lettuce, aioli and sliced brie cheese. 

Cubano Panini

*** $9.99​ ****

Sliced ham, Prosciutto, swiss cheese, dressed with a Dijon mustard aioli,  house made relish and topped with a garlic pickle relish.

Deluxe Poutines

Savory Poutine

***** $9.99​ *****

Mozzarella cheese curds, gravy, bacon crumble, crispy onions, and green onions. Topped with BBQ sauce and garlic aioli. Add caramelized ionions or sauteed mushrooms ($1.25 each)

Greek Delight Poutine

****** $9.99​ ******

Feta cheese, diced cucumbers, diced tomatoes, olive tapenade, tzatziki, and green onion. Topped with oregano

Maple Bacon Poutine

***** $9.99​ ******

Mozarella cheese curds, gravy, bacon crumble, and green onion. Topped with maple cream drizzle. Add caramelized ionions or sauteed mushrooms ($1.25 each)

Classically Yours

*** Starting at $7.99​ ***

Regular Toppings ($0.50 each)

Fries, gravy, cheese curds with the option to add more

Deluxe Toppings ($1.00 each)

Cheddar cheese shreds, olive tapenade, tzatziki, ranch sauce, BBQ sauce, crispy onions, or extra gravy

Supreme Toppings ($1.25)

Feta cheese, goat cheese, bacon crumble, chili, caramelized onions, and sauteed mushrooms

Chili Cheese Fries

***** $9.99​ *****

House made chili, cheddar cheese shreds, and green onion. Looking for more? Add bacon crumble ($1.25) or sour cream ($0.50)

​*Half size poutines available for $6.50*

Market Fresh Salads

Caesar Salad

*** $8.99 ***

Romain lettuce, house made croutons, asiago cheese, pancetta, crisp tossed in Caesar dressing served with a lemon wedge.

Harvest Salad

*** $8.99​ ***

Mix lettuce, sliced poached pears, dried cranberries, toasted walnuts, topped with goat cheese, sliced strawberries and tossed in a vinegrette fruit dressing. 

House Salad

*** $8.99​ ***

Mixed lettuce topped with market fresh vegetables, tossed in house dressing of your choice (Italian, poppy seed, or thousand island)

​*Make it a wrap for $1.25*

Daily Bistro Soups

**** $5.25 ****

Try our daily chef-inspired 12oz. soup creations.
All orders come with a slice of baguette or 
upgrade to a quick bread for $0.50

Breakfast Menu
(Available Sunday, Monday and Tuesday)

Early Bird Special 

***** $5.99 until 9:00 am(After 9:00 am $8.99​) *****

 2 Eggs, choice of bacon or sasage served with bistro bits and two toasts., gravy, bacon crumble, crispy onions, and green onions.

Breakfast Sandwiches:
(Make it a combo with Bistro bits or Fresh cut fries for $3.00)

The Classic: English muffin, omelette, cheddar cheese, bacon

The Bistro Twist: Panini bun, omelette, swiss Cheese, garlic aioli, bacon, prosciutto

The Wrap: Omelette, bistro bits, cheddar cheese, sauteed onions, bacon 

The Western omelette sandwich: Blend of peppers, diced tomatoes, ham cheddar cheese on white bread
**** $5.99****

The Sweet Side of Breakfast: 

The origional: 3 large pancakes served with a side of maple syrup and dusted with icing sugar
**** 9.99****

French Toast: 3 thick cut slices of house made bread dipped in batter and golden to perfection, dusted with icing sugar and served with a side of maple syrup